Pet Tree of Remembrance – Socially Distanced

This holiday season, while joyous for most people, may be difficult for those who have lost a beloved pet. DeJohn Pet Services invites the community together with family and friends to join us in remembrance. While we cannot gather together this year in person for our annual Tree of Continue reading

In Memoriam of Magic

I would like to personally thank you for placing your trust in DeJohn Pet Services to care for your beloved pet in your time of loss. It was truly an honor and a privilege. I, like you am a pet parent and know the unconditional love between a pet and their family. I rescued my dog, Continue reading

Pet Tree of Remembrance

This holiday season, while joyous for most people, may be difficult for those who have lost a beloved pet. DeJohn Pet Services invite the community together with family and friends to a tree lighting ceremony. Please leave other furry family members at home for this event. Guests are Continue reading

Pet Blessing & Memorial Service 2018

  Celebrate your faithful companion’s life with us. In the spirit of Saint Francis, we are pleased to have you join us for our annual Blessing of Animals and Memorial Service on Saturday, October 13 at 2pm at 28890 Chardon Road in Willoughby Hills This outdoor, Continue reading

The burden of a beloved pet’s loss and the weight of euthanasia

Death came to my doorstep that August evening in a white plastic bucket. A sticker on the side of the five-gallon vessel read: FOOD GRADE HEAVY DUTY BPA FREE Inside rested the ashes of my horse, a chestnut gelding named Kaycee. He and I had grown up together wandering the forests, Continue reading

In-home euthanasia becomes popular option for pet owners

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — When Dr. Meg McNabb, a veterinarian, arrived at our front door, I knew where I would find Echo, our dying tabby cat: upstairs in her favorite bedroom, beneath the chaise lounge. I climbed the stairs first while McNabb and my wife waited downstairs. I peeked beneath Continue reading

Know the signs of urinary tract and bladder infection for your dog…

Just like people, dogs can suffer from infections of the urinary tract and bladder. These infections are caused by bacteria in the urethra and the lining of the bladder, and can be quite painful. If you see any of these signs, talk to your veterinarian: Difficulty Continue reading

Yes, Your Pets Do Feel Love…

If you've ever seen two bonded cats cuddle in a sunny window or your dogs chase each other around in the backyard, you have no doubt: Your pets love each other as much as you love them. And now science is backing it up. Inspired by a sad moment saying goodbye to his dying dog, scientist Continue reading

Grieving Over Pets Becoming Common, More Public…

In 30 years of publishing as a professor at Princeton Theological Seminary, C. Clifton Black has never received such an outpouring of reader support as he did when he wrote a lament for his dog Pinky, who had died at age 16. Pinky was “a member of our family” and brought it a “holy joie Continue reading

How to Keep Outdoor Pets Warm in Winter

Winter and summer both present challenges to keeping pets safe and comfortable, but winter is actually easier to prepare for since it's more about preventing exposure and less about the summer problem of preventing accidents. With one major exception: In cold weather, you always need to be Continue reading

Diabetic Alert Dogs Save Lives

Rebecca Farrar was just 4 years old when she became seriously ill and was diagnosed with diabetes. Today, as a Type 1 diabetic, 9-year-old Rebecca's blood sugar can drop without warning, putting her at risk of hypoglycemia, which can lead to a coma or even death. Often, Rebecca doesn't Continue reading

9 Things Never to Say to Someone Who’s Lost a Pet…

Your friend’s pet just passed away, and she’s devastated. While you know it’s  a sad time, you may not be able to grasp the emotional turmoil she’s  experiencing if you’ve never owned a pet. “Pet parents are made to feel guilty  when their grief is more extreme than it would be for a human Continue reading