Pet Tree of Remembrance


This holiday season, while joyous for most people, may be difficult for those who have lost a beloved pet. DeJohn Pet Services invite the community together with family and friends to a tree lighting ceremony. Please leave other furry family members at home for this event.

Guests are invited to bring an ornament with them to hang on the tree in memory of their pet that died. The ornaments can represent anything significant to your furry friend or you.

There will be a brief prayer service and each name of the deceased will be recognized. At that time, families will be able to come forward to hang their ornament on the tree.

The remembrance tree will remain lit throughout the holiday season.

After January 3, 2019, families may collect their ornaments. DeJohn will not be responsible for any ornaments remaining after 30 days.

To RSVP please call the DeJohn Funeral Homes & Crematory Office at 440-516-5555 or complete the form below.

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