9 Things Never to Say to Someone Who’s Lost a Pet…

Your friend’s pet just passed away, and she’s devastated. While you know it’s  a sad time, you may not be able to grasp the emotional turmoil she’s  experiencing if you’ve never owned a pet. “Pet parents are made to feel guilty  when their grief is more extreme than it would be for a human Continue reading

Funeral for your pet?

NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — The loss of a pet can be a devastating experience, and a rising number of people are treating that loss the same way that they would treat the death of any other family member. David Le told CBS 2′s Kristine Johnson that his dog was treated like a member of his Continue reading

Man saves dog from sinking ship, then goes back for wife…

When you hear about a man saving his dog from a sinking ship, it’s hard to not be moved by the tale of an animal lover’s heroism. But the story becomes slightly less heroic when you learn that the man saved his dog before his own wife. But that’s apparently what happened when Graham Anley Continue reading

5 Summer Hazards for Cats to Avoid…

In my years as a veterinarian, I've given a lot of advice - in print, online, over the airwaves and on national TV and, yes, in person. Do this, not that. Avoid this, choose that. I've seen my colleagues do the same, over exam room tables, at conferences and in various forms of media. The Continue reading

Heroic Pit Bull Saves Owner From Oncoming Train

At a railroad crossing in Shirley, Mass., Lilly, the pit bull, hurdled into a race against time. The dog's owner, Christine Spain, had collapsed on the train tracks, and the westbound freight train was coming. Lilly dragged her owner out of danger, but the train's front wheel caught and Continue reading

Service Dog Wears Cap and Gown at Graduation

Caps and gowns are a common sight this time of year, but attendees at a recent commencement were surprised when a dog in a cap and gown of its own walked alongside a graduate in a wheelchair. The 6-year-old chocolate Labrador escorted Bridget Evans at the convocation ceremony of the Continue reading

A Few Minutes in a Hot Car Can Kill a Dog ….

Ohio is not one of the 14 states with laws on the books prohibiting inhumane confinement of animals in parked motor vehicle; but what do you do if you see an animal suffering? Break a window? Succumb to social pressure and walk past feeling guilty? There often is no simple solution, but Continue reading

It always makes a difference!!

An old man was going for a walk, when he noticed a little boy feeding a thin, shaggy looking dog with bits of bread. He went up to the boy and asked him why he was sharing his bread with the dogs. The little boy answered, "Because they have nothing. No home, no family, and if I don’t feed Continue reading

: Why Some Owners Choose to Stay and Some Choose to Go

It’s universally true that the worst moments of any pet owner’s animal-loving life will inevitably coincide with the final moments of a pet's life. But not everyone experiences last rites in the same way: Some owners choose to be with their pets, while others feel compelled to not be Continue reading

Dog Reunited With Family After 900-Mile Journey

An Italian greyhound who went missing eight months ago found his way back home this week. Dauz, short for the family name "Dausman," lived with his original owners in Collinsville, Ill., when he was stolen from their front yard last July. Almost a year later, Alicia Dausman received a Continue reading

Dog Carries Puppies Out Of Burning House, Brings Them To Fire Truck…

A house fire in Temuco, Chile, destroyed the portion of the home where the pups lived, local news agency Soy Temuco reports. Although the puppies were safely delivered to a fire truck by their mother, homeowner Omar Torres was transported to a local hospital for burn Continue reading

Loyal dog continues to attend mass at church where owner’s funeral was held….

Amazing story about a dog's love for his owner! A loyal dog whose owner died late last year has apparently been showing up for Mass every day for the last two months at the church where the funeral was held. Tommy, a 7-year-old German shepherd, used to accompany his owner, Maria Continue reading