Certified Therapy Dog ~ Coco


In difficult times we can all appreciate unconditional affection. Coco, our trained, certified, on-staff Therapy Dog, provides comfort and emotional support to people in need. They love to help adults and children when attending funeral services. Additionally, Coco like to visit hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, and children’s facilities, as a service to our community that is free of charge. Petting or hugging them can ease minds away from the problems at hand and can trigger memories of happier times.

Coco was born in 2013 and is a non-shedding, hypoallergenic, Portuguese Water Dog. Coco was welcomed into the DeJohn family in August 2013. Coco has completed seven weeks of therapy dog training, has passed her test, and is now a member of Therapy Dogs
International, Inc.

Coco loves to make new friends, offering a playful energy that only a dog can share. She also likes driving her family nuts with her mischievous ways.

Please visit Coco’s Facebook page here.