Murphy & Aggie

Our loving pets are such an important part of our family. They spend their life giving us unconditional love and companionship. They fill our life with sunshine and smiles and so many happy memories. They are so totally devoted to their loving family. But anyone who has truly loved a pet knows how extremely difficult it is to say goodbye. 

Our 10 year-old soft-coated wheaten terrier, Murphy, passed away suddenly and our family was shocked and so heartbroken. He was an exceptional dog and was loved so very much from the first day he came to live with my daughter, son-in-law, and their three children. Murphy loved his family too and watched those three little children grow up. Now he is gone. My son-in-law called DeJohn Pet Services and my husband and I went with him so we could say our goodbyes to Murphy. We were greeted by Sherri who was so kind and most comforting. She completely understood what we were going through and spent so much time with us. Sherri asked my son-in-law if the children wanted to come after they got home from school to say their goodbyes to their precious Murphy. My son-in-law and daughter came back with their children after they got home from school. My grandchildren were very upset as Murphy was fine when they left for school in the morning. Sherri was absolutely incredible as she spent time with my grandchildren as they were saying their tearful goodbyes. She took the time to talk to them and comfort them and gave them clippings of Murphy’s fur, then took a piece of hair from each of the grandchildren and put it with Murphy. She told them that they would always be with Murphy, just as Murphy would always be a part of their lives. What a beautiful gesture and so comforting to my grandchildren. We all love Murphy and will forever miss him. He definitely left his big pawprint and many precious memories in our hearts. We are all ever so grateful to DeJohn Pet Services and to Sherri for touching our hearts with so much love and kindness at such a difficult time. ~ Aggie

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