It was a terrible day, but God was working when He helped me remember DeJohn Pet Services. I was able to connect with Sherri right away and just listened to her calming influence enabled me to do something I had not considered…cremation. I watched how carefully and reverently you treated Continue reading


From the very first call we had, I only felt peace and comfort from you. Sherri, watching you care for my baby was so comforting and my true sense of peacefulness came after leaving Costner with you. I knew I made the right decision by choosing DeJohn Pet Services. I knew that Costner Continue reading

The Nicholson Family

Thank you for treating me and my beloved Daykota as a friend and not just a person with a dog. Our beloved Daykota will be forever missed and will always be in our hearts. Thank you for taking care of Daykota until we could bring him home to his final resting place. Continue reading