Daneen Bosworth

Our family would have been lost without all of Sherri’s expertise and support. I continue to tell everyone I know how much comfort she brought our family during this very difficult loss. It was a first pet for all of us and lost way too soon due to a fire. She gave our sweet Missi the love, respect and dignity during this time. From the first moment I spoke to her, I knew she was in the best of hands. She walked me through the process and at that moment I knew I made the right decision.
She treated her like she was her own which brought all of us a sense of relief while we were grieving. Sherri made sure we were ready in our final farewells and continues to encourage us to keep her memory alive with stories and sweet moments we cherish. She remains a true friend to us and we don’t know what we would have done without her. We are very thankful to our dear friends, Tim and Denise DeJohn for offering the services to us while we were dealing with her loss and the loss of our home due to a fire right before Christmas. We will continue to make it known to all we know of the wonderful services provided through your pet services. There are so many family and friends who were unaware that these services existed and will consider using them when the time arrives for those needs in their families. These services just bring a greater dignity to our beloved fur babies whom we cherish. If we can ever serve as a recommendation to your services or continue to praise the amazing person Sherri is and what she brings to a family, please never hesitate to reach out and ask. We will be your best advocates. Thank you!