Q. Since there is very little regulation in the pet cremation industry, what should I be doing to make sure that my pet is being treated with respect and dignity?

A. We advise that you ask your Veterinarian, or your Cremation Provider directly is possible, three very important questions:

  • Where is the crematory located? As mentioned above, most families are shocked to learn that their pet is going to be transferred several hundred miles away.
  • When will my pet be cremated and then be ready for pickup? Many are shocked to learn that their beloved pet is going to be held in a freezer at the Vet’s facility for almost a week before they are picked up by the creation provider. Then, it is going to be another week before their pet’s cremated remains are ready for pickup.
  • When can I come & inspect your facility? You can learn a lot about the cremation provider by not only inspecting their facilities if possible, but even by how they respond to your request.

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