Q. Is there only one type of pet cremation?

A. Unlike the human cremation industry, there is very little or no regulations when it comes to pet cremations. Thus, different providers might be using the same terminology but for different types of cremation services. Basically, there are 3 types of pet cremations.

  • A “private” cremation is one where your pet is the only pet in the equipment during the cremation process. This is the only option that ensures the cremated remains you receive are those of your beloved pet.
  • An “individual” cremation is one where there can be several pets in the equipment at the same time in separate pans, or separated by bricks or other devices. When choosing this option though, there is no guarantee that the cremated remains of the other pets will not be co-mingled with the remains of your beloved pet.
  • A “communal or Batch” cremation is one where the cremation equipment is filled to capacity with pets and all of their cremated remains are commingled as a result. With this type of cremation, it is impossible for the provider to return your pet’s cremated remains to you.

Because of the lack of regulation, it is important for you ro ask your pet cremation provider what they mean when they use the terms like “private cremation” or “individual cremation”.

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