Our Pet Specialist

Meet Sherri DiPietro, our pet specialist. She has been with DeJohn Pet Services since we opened in 2011. Here, in her own words she describes why she has found her calling:

Sherri Dipietro

Sherri Dipietro

Being an animal lover, volunteer at Geauga Humane Society, Rescue Village for 8 years and a pet parent myself, I needed to know that there was a place that offered dignity and respect to someone’s pet when they passed away.

I lost Tara, my first canine kid to cancer several years ago and I knew that I wanted to have her cremated so that she could come “home” with me where she belonged. Even though I used a company that was referred by my vet, what I found was that my beloved four legged “child “was just a number to them. There was no closure or peace brought to me when I picked up her ashes from a countertop among piling papers with not even a spoken word of sympathy or a question of how I was doing.

When I lost my second soul mate Tootsie, I brought her to DeJohn Pet Services and even though she was the very first animal that the DeJohn family took care of, they understood my loss and took care of Tootsie as if she were their own. She was treated with dignity and respect and was never robbed of her identity as my Tara unfortunately was. Through my devastating loss, I discovered my passion to help families through their grief of losing a pet and thus began my journey with DeJohn Pet Services.

With the memories of Tara and Tootsie closely with me, I am granted the privilege of being the arch of transition for the parents having to send their four legged children over the Rainbow Bridge. With having to deal with the loss of their beloved pet, they can rest assured that their furry companions will never be forgotten because here they are never just a number; here they are treated with the same dignity and respect that any member of your family would because here; they are not just your family, they are ours also.